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Johns Hopkins HealthCare

A leader in innovative health care solutions, Johns Hopkins HealthCare LLC (JHHC) is committed to the health and wellbeing of each and every one of its 240,000 members and the providers who care for them. JHHC was created in 1995 as a partnership between the Johns Hopkins Health System and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to develop and administer contractual health care relationships with managed care organizations, government programs, employers and health care providers. As a dedicated advocate for these partners, JHHC provides a wide-range of services and support, including:

  • eligibility database management
  • member-physician services
  • claims adjudication
  • patient outreach programs
  • decision support matrices
  • client-focused product development
  • physician/facility network development and management.

JHHC also boasts a unique care management program to provide support for members with chronic conditions.

For additional informational information on JHHC, visit or call 410-424-4400.