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Insurers/Employer Health Plan Programs

We're in an era where clinical excellence is not enough. Care must be broadly accessible, cost effective and integrated from the community-based provider to the most advanced microsurgery suite. It must be flexible and responsive to the new cost and service standards of employers, HMOs and, most of all, patients and their families.

Johns Hopkins Medicine is meeting the challenges of a new era, developing an integrated delivery system with a growing network of faculty and community practitioners, allied hospitals, new and more widely accessible facilities, and new models of care.

Starting from a position of minimal involvement with managed care contracting, Hopkins has become a provider of choice for every major HMO.

For years considered the best hospital in the country, Hopkins also is recognized as one of the most cost-effective academic medical centers. New techniques and capabilities that reduce costs and improve patient outcomes are being pioneered by Hopkins physicians and staff every day.

Find out how your business can benefit from Johns Hopkins employee health programs to reduce your health care costs and increase productivity while – most importantly – improving your employees' health and well-being.