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Business Development & Strategic Alliances

Business Development & Strategic Alliances (BDSA) leads the institution’s national strategy to commercialize its healthcare delivery assets. We are responsible for identifying and expanding business opportunities with corporate partners, care delivery systems and other key strategic partners in alliance with the institution’s senior leadership and world class faculty.  These efforts require us to work in partnership with key business units such as:

We also work with divisions across the medical institution on managed care/population health programs, value-based care initiatives, regional and national patient referrals and the post-acute partnerships. 

Our focus is to provide a resource to leverage, commercialize and expand our programs, and capabilities and secure partnerships to generate new revenue and funding streams in support of our mission.  Additionally, we help drive and execute our regional and national strategy to target employer and business-to-business networks to drive patient care to JHHS clinical sites.  

Whether you're with an external organization looking to form a partnership with Johns Hopkins Medicine or you're a faculty member, staff member, student, or researcher within the Hopkins community, contact us to explore the possibilities.