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Military Training

U.S. Military Combat Medic Training

The Johns Hopkins Burn Center proudly serves as a training center for United States military personnel. We have trained over 1,000 U.S. Air Force medical personnel stationed in various locations around the world including Iraq and Afghanistan. We have also provided Advanced Burn Life Support Provider Certification Courses for both U.S. Army and Navy medical personnel.  We are affiliated with the U.S. Air Force C-STARS program, which offers training for military medical personnel in the areas of trauma and critical care. 

Currently, the majority of U.S. military personnel receive minimal formalized training or clinical experience on the critical management of thermally injured patients.  Also, as a result of realignment of U.S. military resources in the 1990s, many military bases were forced to close, resulting in the loss of military medical facilities to keep personnel current in their critical care and trauma skills. To address this problem, the Air Force created the C-STARS program, enabling Air Force health care providers to refresh their skills by working side-by-side with their civilian colleagues treating trauma and critical care patients.

The Johns Hopkins Burn Center is currently the only civilian Burn Center in the country providing this type of training and education for our U.S. military.  Each month, 30-35 Air Force healthcare professionals including, physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, independent medical technicians and technicians rotate through the Burn Center for clinical training.  The Burn Center also provides a 2-hour acute burn management lecture prior to the rotation on the unit.