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Outpatient Burn Wound Clinic

Burn Wound Clinic Lobby

Request an Appointment:

The Burn Clinic is located in the Bayview Medical Office (BMO) building. It is easily accessible through the BMO entrance, marked with the blue awning.

To make a Burn Clinic appointment, please call 443-997-9466. You must have an appointment in order to be seen. Also, if you are a new patient, you must have a physician referral to be seen in the clinic. Every effort will be made to have you seen by the doctor who treated you in the Burn Center.

Your Appointment:

In the Burn Clinic, specialized doctors will check your wounds and provide you with the necessary treatment to promote healing. Prescriptions, medications and dressing orders can be obtained here. You may also be seen by physical and/or occupational therapists to assist with exercise. You will be measured for compression garments if needed.

Be sure to take pain medications before appointments. You may also bring pain medication with you, as you may need another dosage during or after your appointment. You will be unable to drive with narcotic pain medication in your system. Remember to have someone available to safely drive you home after your appointment.