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Support Services

Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be a devastating experience. Though some people don‘t openly express how they feel, it is impossible to not be upset when told you have breast cancer. Those who love you are distressed too.

Having ready access to professionals who can guide, support, and help you and your family develop coping skills will make your breast cancer treatment go more smoothly for everyone. At the Johns Hopkins Breast Center, our professionals have extensive experience with breast cancer patients and their families and are familiar with the treatment you will be receiving. They also know the doctors and nurses involved in your care. This provides for an integrated approach to getting you well again physically and emotionally.

Our nurse navigators and patient navigators are also instrumental in supporting you emotionally as you take this journey, going from someone newly diagnosed to someone who has completed their treatment and is ready to re-engage in their life physically and emotionally healthy again. 

Learn about our one-on-one support services with survivor volunteers and nurses, and our psychotherapy and family support program.

Brick Bodies-Building Partners in Breast Cancer Survivorship

Lynne Brick has created special programs just for you at her Brick Bodies Fitness Centers! She has named it "Supportive Healthy & Integrated Program" (SHIP). She is offering free services at her facilities for women while they are going through breast cancer treatment through a special program called the Patti Clark Memorial. (Just take a note from your oncologist or nurse practitioner in the Breast Center with you). For more information call 410- 825-0550 or visit