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The Breast and Ovarian Surveillance Service & Genetic Testing

Do you have questions or concerns about your or a loved one’s risk for breast or ovarian cancer? Are you newly diagnosed with breast cancer and facing decisions about the surgery you are being offered? Are you a breast cancer survivor concerned about hormone replacement therapy or the risk of developing other cancers? Do you want to find out about genetic testing for breast and ovarian cancer? The Johns Hopkins Breast and Ovarian Surveillance Service (BOSS) might be right for you.

The Breast and Ovarian Surveillance Service (BOSS)

The Breast and Ovarian Surveillance Service (BOSS) can help you find the answers to your questions and understand your risks for developing breast cancer. Our caring and expert team of physicians, genetic counselors and nurse practitioners can put this information into perspective and help you use it to your best benefit. We will:

  • Review your family history and other risk factors
  • Provide individualized risk assessment
  • Perform a clinical breast exam and instruct you in breast self-exam
  • Discuss and offer genetic testing to evaluate inherited cancer susceptibility
  • Provide individualized cancer prevention and screening information

Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer

Genetic counseling is an option for women who are not personally affected by breast cancer but have a significant family history of breast cancer  or have other factors that put them higher risk for developing the disease. There are many women who have been tested for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetic mutations and other genetic mutations that predispose a woman to breast cancer. However, knowing you test positive for one of these mutations is not a guarantee that you will develop breast cancer—and knowing you are negative doesn’t guarantee that you won’t develop it.

Our genetic counselors and medical oncologists specialize in the field of breast cancer and risk assessment and have years of experience guiding women and their families on their decision to be tested. For women who do decide to test, and find they have a genetic predisposition to breast cancer, we offer a wide-range of options, from high risk screening services, to hormone prevention medications, to referral to our breast surgical oncologists for discussion of prophylactic double mastectomies

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Find more information on our genetic testing FAQ page.