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Patient Centered Care

A nurse practitioner educates a patient about how to manage her drainsA nurse practitioner educates a patient about how to manage her drains after mastectomy surgery.

The Johns Hopkins Breast Center is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary breast care program, offering a full spectrum of clinical and support services, from screening and diagnosis to treatment, prevention and counseling. We provide innovative, integrated, high quality and cost-effective breast care.

We are here for the primary purpose of treating breast cancer patients. We must limit the physical and emotional trauma of diagnosis and treatment of this very serious illness. We must render our services with compassion and professional skill. We treat the whole patient, not just their cancer.

Nothing can be allowed to interfere with what is in our patient’s best interest. We each must be our patient’s advocate in interaction with the health care system. Each of us is the person best equipped to solve our patient’s problems in our area of expertise. Working together we can improve the care for each and every patient.

Each and every patient has the right to directly participate in the decision making about her care and treatment. It is our responsibility to empower her with information and educate her so that she can become an active member of the Breast Center team responsible for her care.

As part of the world renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital, the Breast Center stands at the forefront of breast cancer research and treatment. Our state-of-the-art technologists and highly skilled medical professionals are internationally recognized. Patients have access to the most advanced tests and therapies available anywhere.

The prominence of the Johns Hopkins Center is reflected in both the outcomes data and patient satisfaction surveys. In national survival studies, for example, the survival rates among early stage breast cancer patients at our Breast Center match or exceed national rates. And patients who come to our Breast Center consistently indicate that they would recommend us to a family member or friend.

The multidisciplinary design of the Johns Hopkins Breast Center provides patients access to a team of caregivers who collaborate in their consultation and care. For the patient, this integrated approach means fewer office visits, centralized records and reduced cost. More importantly, this collaborative effort among the nation’s top breast cancer experts ensures that breast cancer patients who come to our Breast Center have the winning edge against this disease.

Our Mission

The mission of the Johns Hopkins Breast Center is to provide optimal breast health care to the region, utilizing a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach. We seek to influence breast care nationally and internationally through excellence in treatment, education and research.