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Multidisciplinary Care

The term “multidisciplinary” is used frequently today in describing the ideal care for cancers and other complex diseases that benefit from multi-modality treatment. The real benefit of multidisciplinary care is that the patient can get the opinion of a group of specialists and can feel more confident that they have explored all of their options.

At our Breast Center, we have multiple specialists in each discipline, so the recommendations for treatment are based on the consensus opinions of the group of specialists, with consultation from their colleagues in other specialty areas.

Patient cases that would benefit from a team review are reviewed by our Tumor Board, which is a treatment planning approach where a number of specialists review and discuss the condition and treatment options for a patient.

Our Multidisciplinary Clinic at Green Spring Station

A breast cancer diagnosis can be stressful and overwhelming.  Our multidisciplinary breast cancer clinic at our Green Spring Station - Lutherville location is designed to evaluate patients with known breast cancer in a comprehensive, single-day setting to minimize the time between diagnosis and treatment.  On the day of your appointment, you will meet with a surgical oncologist and a radiation oncologist, who will discuss an appropriate course of treatment for you and answer all of your questions regarding breast cancer.  All members of the breast cancer multidisciplinary clinic are committed to providing you and your caregivers the highest quality of care and attention during your time with us.

What are the services offered at the breast cancer multidisciplinary clinic?