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Get a Second Opinion

Receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer can be extremely scary. Many women think and feel that their options are limited and that they need to act immediately. But any responsible health care professional will urge you to get a second opinion, not only to confirm the diagnosis, but to gather as much information as possible so you can make the best decision for your health.

At the Johns Hopkins Breast Cancer Center, our team of experts offers consultations for newly diagnosed patients seeking a second opinion about their treatment options. Our goal is to give patients enough information so they feel comfortable taking the next step in managing and treating their disease.

Second opinions are available in these specialties:

Pathology –Our pathologists are frequently consulted for their expert review of patient slides. Get a pathology second opinion.

Surgical oncology – Our surgical oncologists offer a particular expertise in breast surgical oncology. A second opinion with a surgeon typically involves confirmation of diagnosis and review of imaging studies (or additional studies if needed). For a surgical second opinion, call 443-997-8282.

Reconstructive surgery – Our reconstructive surgeons consult with patients who are newly diagnosed or who have completed treatment and want to explore breast reconstruction options. They also provide consultations for patients who are seeking corrections on surgeries received elsewhere. For a surgical second opinion, call 443-997-9466.

Radiation oncology – Or our radiation oncologists may evaluate a patient who would like to try accelerated radiation or partial breast radiation or consult on other treatment options. For a second opinion with a radiation oncologist, call 410-955-8964.

Medical oncology – Our medical oncologists are frequently consulted for treatment plans, even if the patients are not treated here. For a medical oncology second opinion, call 410-955-8964.

Newly diagnosed patients who want to be seen at our Breast Center downtown, Bayview Medical Center, or Green Spring Station can call 443-997-8282.