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The Johns Hopkins Breast Center is located in downtown Baltimore in the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center.

Newly diagnosed breast cancer patients at our breast center at the downtown campus first see a breast surgical oncologist, a breast center nurse practitioner and, a certified breast cancer nurse navigator. If additional breast imaging studies are needed, they can usually be performed during that visit. Most patients leave with written information about the recommended surgery and an appointment for the procedure. All patients leave with patient educational information and support services specific to their needs and their family’s needs.

If a patient has a breast abnormality, they can be seen quickly by a breast specialist for evaluation. Commonly, breast imaging diagnostic evaluation is also performed at the same appointment. We are committed to providing patient centered care, educating women about their treatment options and empowering them to become involved in every step of their experience at Johns Hopkins.

We offer comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services, such as:

Patient-Centered Care

We are here for the primary purpose of treating breast cancer patients. Our experts and staff treat the whole patient, not just their cancer and encourage the patient to directly participate in the decision making about her care and treatment.  We work to empower her with information and educate her so that she can become an active member of the breast center team responsible for her care.

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Medical Oncology

Most, but not all, patients diagnosed with breast cancer need some form of chemotherapy as part of their treatment. Medical oncology consultation appointments are scheduled post-operatively when full pathology is available for the oncologist to be able to make medical decisions about treatment planning.  There are some special circumstances when a patient may need to receive chemotherapy before surgery, and when this occurs patients are seen quickly for consultation so treatment gets underway. 

Breast Imaging

At the Johns Hopkins Breast Center, all imaging services are provided by specially-trained Johns Hopkins breast imaging experts. This includes mammography, breast ultrasound, biopsies, and breast MRI. In addition, a diagnostic evaluation of all breast abnormalties will be completed by breast specialists and breast imaging radiologists.

Patient and Family Education

Patient and family education is provided by caring staff to prepare a patient for decisions about treatment options and what to expect throughout treatment, as well as patient navigation by a certified breast cancer nurse navigators, who are also breast cancer survivors who have a perspective that can help provide support during this time.

Survivor Volunteer Program

For newly diagnosed women, one-on-one support by a trained survivor volunteer and a certified breast cancer nurse navigator who is also a breast cancer survivor.

High Risk Clinic

Do you have questions or concerns about your risk for breast cancer? Do you have a history of atypical ductal hyperplasia (ADH), lobular carcinoma in-situ (LCIS), BRCA genetic mutation, mantle radiation, first degree relative (such as a mother, siblings, etc.) diagnosed with breast cancer, and/or a history of breast cancer in the past three years are considered high risk? The High Risk Clinic can assess your risk and offer help. Patients may self-refer.

The High Risk Clinic is overseen by an Oncology Advance Practice Nurse who will: 

  • Conduct a complete physical exam, including a clinical breast exam
  • Review mammogram and/or ultrasound studies
  • Initiate Tamoxifen therapy
  • Refer to Breast and Ovarian Surveillance Service (BOSS) and a surgical oncologist

Our Experts

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Contact Us

We are located at

601 North Caroline Street
Johns Hopkins Breast Center, 8th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21287

For more information or to make an appointment, call 443-997-8282 and request an appointment at the Johns Hopkins Breast Center.


Find information to help you reach your appointment in The Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center

The Johns Hopkins Breast Center is located on the 8th floor of The Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center on the Johns Hopkins medical campus.  When you enter the Outpatient Center, go to the main information desk in the first floor lobby. Someone will greet you and direct you to the appropriate check-in location. To get to the Breast Center, take the first set of elevators on the right to the 8th floor.