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Make a Gift

Please support the Johns Hopkins Breast Cancer Center in our mission to deliver and improve evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for women with breast cancer. There are several ways to give and we appreciate each and every one.

Contribute to a Breast Center Fund

If you’d like to donate money to benefit the Breast Center, you can choose from our three funds (descriptions below). To choose a fund, complete and submit our online gift form.  In the second field (“please designate my gift  to”), select your preference from the dropdown menu.

To make a donation by mail, please print and mail the donation form.

Breast Center Education, Outreach and Survivorship Fund

This fund offers a wide array of services to assist breast cancer patients and their families, and to educate women about breast health and breast cancer. Your donation enables the Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Center to continue providing programs of education, awareness, early detection and support to all who are faced with this challenging disease.

Breast Center Quality of Life Research Fund

This fund provides the financial resources needed to support new and innovative research in the area of breast cancer survivorship. Breast cancer patients are coping with long-term side effects from chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal therapy, as well as dealing with body image changes that, for some, can be quite devastating. The Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Center is on the brink of innovative research focused specifically on post-treatment issues so that a breast cancer survivor does not just endure the disease and its treatment, but also has excellent quality of life going forward.

Patient Advocacy Fund

Patients traveling on the cancer journey have many important needs outside the physical realm. Psychological support, getting answers to questions at all hours of the day so important treatment decisions can be made, reinforcing the treatment plan, assistance with medical records retrieval, words of encouragement and reassurance—or even a hug—are critically important. This kind of advocacy is the sort that all patients are entitled to.

The Patient Advocacy Fund provides the resources for Lillie Shockney to educate and mentor healthcare providers at Johns Hopkins—as well as those providers on a local, national and international level—on the principles of patient advocacy. Your gift will enable Lillie to continue to positively affect patient care for breast cancer patients within the walls of Johns Hopkins Medicine and beyond.

Special Gift Programs

Breast Center Angels

Join Lillie’s Breast Cancer Angels’ Club to help the Johns Hopkins Breast Cancer Survivor Volunteers provide support to women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Your lifetime membership dues are only $50. As a member you will receive a Breast Cancer Angels’ Club pin and monthly email news to keep you abreast of the latest discoveries that aim to improve treatment and eradicate breast cancer in the future.

Lillie is counting on you for support and looks forward to welcoming you as a new club member. To join, simply complete the Breast Cancer Angels’ Club membership form and mail it along with a $50 check (with “BC Angel” in the comments area of the check) payable to:

Lillie Shockney, R.N., B.S., M.A.S.
The Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Center
601 N. Caroline Street, Room 4161
Baltimore, MD 21287

Video: Surgical Oncologists on Philanthropy

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Philanthropic gifts often support bold ideas on finding a cure for cancer. Hear from the surgical oncology team at Johns Hopkins and generous donors about what it means to them and how philanthropic gifts have helped pursue better cancer treatments for patients.