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The Gerald D. and Helen M. Stephens Center for Stone Disease


Exploring the causes of urological stone disease opens the door to better treatment, prevention and quality of life. Led by Dr. Brian MatlagaThe Gerald D. and Helen M. Stephens Center for Stone Disease is committed to furthering our understanding of the formation of stones as well as which patients have the greatest risk for the disease. For patients, this means access to the most advanced treatments possible.

One of the first in the nation of its kind, the Stephens Center pushes the frontier of advanced stone research, including developing technologies and techniques for accurate diagnostics and surgical removal, and collecting and studying biological stone samples for risk prediction and development of personalized treatment plans. Additionally, the creation of this dedicated clinical service will provide training for more future urologists who can focus on stone disease and endourology.

Goals of the Center

  • Generating a better understanding of the formation of stones, as well as of which patients have greatest risk of the disease.
  • Improving patient care and quality of life for people who have, or are at risk for, stone disease.
  • Educating future clinicians in advanced treatments of stone disease.
  • Training future researchers who can sustain our progress in better understanding, and caring for patients with stones.

Conditions We Treat


Founding the Stephens Center

Gerald and Helen Stephens Gerald D. and Helen M. Stephens, establishing donors of the Stephens Center for Stone Disease 

The Gerald D. and Helen M. Stephens Center for Stone Disease launched in 2018 through the generous philanthropy of established business leader Gerald “Jerry” Stephens and his wife, Helen. In 1961, Stephens founded RLI Corp., a specialty insurance company headquartered in Peoria, IL. Over the next 50 years, Stephens grew his company through a relentless focus on innovation and kept his eye toward opportunity until eventually reaching a national audience. Since retiring in 2011, Stephens, along with his wife, has enabled a similar pursuit at Johns Hopkins to advance stone disease care. With their gift, Helen and Jerry aspire to help current and future generations that suffer from stone disease find the best treatments possible.

To learn more about The Gerald D. and Helen M. Stephens Center for Stone disease, and the generosity of The Stephens family, please view this article

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