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Conditions We Treat: Kidney Cysts

If you are experiencing abdominal pain and difficulty urinating, you may have a kidney cyst related to decreased kidney function. 

Kidney Cysts: What You Need to Know

Kidney illustration
  • Most kidney cysts are classified as simple. These are benign and usually do not need to be treated.
  • It’s uncommon for kidney cysts to cause symptoms, but when they do, patients may experience pain along the abdomen and back.
  • If cysts create discomfort, they can be removed through laparoscopic cyst ablation.
  • Cysts can sometimes block the flow of urine from the kidney to the bladder.
  • Multiple kidney cysts may be caused by polycystic kidney disease.

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Why Choose Johns Hopkins for Treatment of Kidney Cysts?

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Rely on the expertise of our physicians to help manage kidney cysts.

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Our experts have pioneered robotic and minimally invasive surgical techniques to provide patients with better results and less downtime following treatment for kidney cysts.

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