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Awards and Honors

January 22, 2015


Alan Partin

Dr. Alan Partin Awarded American Urological Association 2015 Distinguished Contribution Award

Dr. Partin was awarded the Distinguished Contribution Award for contributions to science — most importantly, the creation of the Partin Tables, which are used by urologists throughout the world.


Patrick Walsh

Dr. Patrick C. Walsh Selected as Giant of Cancer Care 2014

Exceptional cancer researchers and cancer physicians aren’t born — they’re made. Although they come from varied backgrounds, there is a common thread they all seem to exhibit: a dogged persistence in tackling and solving some of the most complex scientific challenges; a compassionate drive to improve the quality of life of the patient; drawing inspiration from mentors who came before them; and all too often, they have experienced the loss of a family member or friend from cancer. These attributes and experiences mark just some of what makes up an individual destined to thrive in the oncology field. The Giants of Cancer Care initiative celebrates individuals who have achieved landmark success within the field of oncology.

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