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Biomedical Scholars Association


 The purposes of the Biomedical Scholars Association are:

  1. To provide a support system for every scholar who considers him or herself an underrepresented minority within the Hopkins community;
  2. To promote the academic and professional success of said scholars;
  3. To enhance minority scholar recruitment to and retention within the Hopkins community;
  4. To provide a network for career development and advancement within the scientific community
  5. To serve our immediate community through volunteerism.

The goals of the Biomedical Scholars Association are to provide academic support, academic advising, social support, networking opportunities and professional development to all members. We aim to create meaningful change both within and outside the Hopkins community. Our commitment to diversity includes fostering cultural understanding amongst our members and the population at large.

Feel free at any time to let a BSA Executive Board member know if you would like to suggest an idea or goal.