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A Woman's Journey Palm Beach - Seminar Descriptions

Seminar I:  10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Seminar II: 11:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.

Seminar I

Between the Sheets
Uncover some of the broad issues of sexual intimacy with psychologist Dr. Chris Kraft, as he discloses why sexual desire may fade with time. The presentation includes common problems affecting women as well as men and provides some advice on how to rekindle sexual intimacy.  C1

Caution: Multiple Medications May Be Harmful to Your Health
Learn how and when to take prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, supplements and herbal remedies to maximize their effectiveness and avoid serious side effects, as internist Dr. Kimberly Peairs clarifies potential interactions with common medications and how to time our medications appropriately. DB1

Spice Up Your Health
Widely used in Indian cooking, the spice turmeric contains powerful properties that heal wounds, prevent disease, enhance the medicinal benefits and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. Explore this natural herb and learn how to incorporate it into our daily lives with medical oncologist Dr. Saraswati Sukumar. LW1

The Inside Story: News about Diagnosing and Treating Ailments of the Gut
Digestive problems occur more than twice as frequently in women than in men and can result in poor absorption of the nutrients required for good health. Gastroenterologist Dr. Christina Ha examines common GI issues facing women, including inflammatory bowel disorder, Celiac Disease, Colitis, Colon Polyps and Crohn’s Disease.  BA1

Session II:

Moody Blues 
How we feel about ourselves can compromise our well-being and impact our ability to thrive in a world fraught with anxiety and stress. Psychiatrist Dr. Karen Swartz talks about strategies to minimize anxiety and identify when mood changes in ourselves and our families may signal a serious underlying issue. C2

An Ounce of Prevention
Under a provision of the new health care law, Medicare and private insurers now cover preventive health screenings for millions of Americans. Internist Dr. Redonda Miller highlights some of the 45 screening tests that are available and assesses which are worth pursuing.  DB2

A Taste of Immunity
Food allergies are on the rise among adults, as well as in children. Get a basic lesson about our immune system and why it sometimes reacts to environmental or food protagonists as immunologist Dr. Bruce Bochner explores oral immunotherapy and other potential treatments that are currently being investigated. LW2

The Back Story: Straight from the Expert
Join neurosurgeon Dr. Ziya Gokaslan as he delves into common causes of back and neck pain in women and how to evaluate and diagnose its various causes. He will also discuss surgical and nonsurgical treatment options and how to determine the best treatment for each individual.  BA2