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A Woman's Journey - Naples






Dear Friends,

Women have a long, storied history of influence and achievement at Johns Hopkins.

In 1893, just four years after opening The Johns Hopkins Hospital, trustees of The Johns Hopkins University found there were insufficient funds to fulfill Mr. Johns Hopkins’ bequest to construct and open the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. It was then that a prominent Baltimore woman, Mary Elizabeth Garrett, emerged and proposed that she and a small group of other women would raise the $500,000 required to construct a medical school building. Her offer, however, was contingent on the school’s pledge to admit women pursuing medicine as a career. The Trustees—some begrudgingly—agreed. The school of medicine opened in 1893 as the first major medical school on the United States to admit women.

During the ensuing 125 years, women have continued to impact Johns Hopkins and the field of medicine: 240 women have been promoted to full professors since the school of medicine opened, and today 41 percent of the faculty are women. Dr. Redonda Miller recently became the first female president of The Johns Hopkins Hospital, and our researchers are homing in on the sex differences in diagnosing and treating women.

We hope you will celebrate these achievements and yourself by joining us for a morning dedicated to women’s health as Johns Hopkins once again brings you this dynamic program highlighting medical issues of greatest concern to you and your community. It is an opportunity to learn about new discoveries and innovations in preventing, diagnosing and treating illness. Benefit yourself and your loved ones. It is a rare opportunity to learn from Johns Hopkins physicians and each other.

Come alone, or bring your sister, mother or friend. Take the day for yourself, immerse yourself in the experience, choose what you want to learn—and return home with lessons that will last a lifetime.

We look forward to seeing you at this award-winning program on Friday, Feb. 23, 2018 at the Naples Yacht Club.

Yours in health,

Anne Armstrong and Rand Mason