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2015 Naples - Presentations

Advances in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment 
Each cancer is different.  Explore how heredity, gene defects and our lifestyle place a unique imprint on cancer and the evolution of personalized cancer treatments with oncologist Dr. William Nelson as he reveals new strategies to diagnose and target unique characteristics of cancers with the hope of improving the effectiveness of customized treatments. 

The Science of Cannabis (Marijuana)
Take a trip through the history of cannabis and the legal and social landscape surrounding this herb. Psychologist, Dr. Ryan Vandrey presents scientific evidence detailing the characteristics of marijuana and its potential ill effects as well as its usefulness as a medicine.

Love and Forgiveness
The act of forgiveness can be very powerful.  Psychiatrist Dr. Karen Swartz pursues factors that enable some people to easily forgive family members, friends and partners, while others may struggle to let go. The emotional stress from conflict also can lead to negative health consequences including anxiety and depression.