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2014 Naples - Presentations

The Downside of Self Defense
Autoimmune disorders now encompass more than 100 disorders from thyroid diseases to arthritis to myositis. Rheumatologist Dr. Lisa Christopher-Stine explores autoimmune disorders and explains how and why our body attacks itself and research that may reveal new pathways of diagnosis and treatments for millions of women.

Status of Statins
The role statins play in decreasing our risk of heart attack and stroke has been the subject of recent research and media attention. Join cardiologist Dr. Roger Blumenthal, as he examines the safety and benefits of statin therapy, new guidelines for the prevention of heart disease and how novel CT scanning can assess calcification in your arteries and your risk for disease..

Eyes on the Future
Ophthalmologist Dr. Susan Bressler clarifies the two most frequent retinal causes of declining vision: age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. Dr. Bressler portrays medical treatment options—including new discoveries—that may prevent further loss of vision and lead to renewed sight.