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Recent Health News

The following articles highlight medical news from Johns Hopkins Medicine. To receive monthly emails summarizing new discoveries about women's health, click here.


The Difference Between Eye Cells is...Sumo? - Johns Hopkins Researchers Discover Critical Switch in Eye Development


New Hope for Cancer Comes Straight from the Heart - Johns Hopkins Researchers Discover New Use for Digoxin
What's Feeding Cancer Cells? - Johns Hopkins Researchers Discover How Critical Cancer Gene Controls Nutrient Use
How Chemotherapy Drugs Block Blood Vessel Growth, Slow Cancer Spread - Implications for Further Personalizing Cancer Treatment
Two Gene Mutations Linked to Most Common Brain Cancers


Quintet Of Proteins Forms New, Early-Warning Blood Test Before Heart Attack Strikes
Clot-Buster Boosts Survival, Decreases Disability for Deadly Subset of Stroke - Patients continued to improve function six months after treatment
Hopkins Scientists ID 10 Genes Associated With a Risk Factor for Sudden Cardiac Death

Mental Health

Johns Hopkins Researchers Discover New Schizophrenia Gene

Kidney Disease

Hopkins Transplant Surgeons Remove Healthy Kidney Through Donor's Vagina - Minimally invasive organ removal could increase donations, surgeons say

Autoimmune Disease

Teaching An Old Drug New Tricks - Leprosy medicine holds promise as therapy for autoimmune diseases

Weight Loss and Maintenance

Beverage Consumption a Bigger Factor in Weight

General Health

The Importance of Reducing The Salt In Your Diet
The Gender Aspects of Vaccines