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Reproductive Health

 Along with the potential for motherhood, your reproductive system may also bring trouble at different points in your life. Johns Hopkins offers a full spectrum of traditional women-only health care services

  • Infertility and high-risk pregnancies
  • Responsible for the research behind some of today’s most innovative treatments in gynecologic cancers, Johns Hopkins physicians have developed techniques tailored to each stage of disease, whether it be preserving fertility for women with early stage uterine cancer or extending life for those with advanced ovarian cancer. 
  • As many as a third of all women confront quality of life issues caused by incontinence and uterine prolapse, conditions that can result from weakened muscles stretched by childbirth or other causes. Our gynecological specialists treat pelvic floor disorders exclusively, working seamlessly with urologists to provide you the best treatment, whether physical therapy or surgery, at The Johns Hopkins Women's Center for Pelvic Health.
  • The Johns Hopkins Fibroid Center offers state of the art management and alternative solutions such as uterine arterial embolization, a uterus-sparing procedure that shrinks fibroids by cutting off their blood supply.