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Videos from the Executive Woman's Breakfast 2019

Skin Deep
Dermatologist Meg Gerstenblith reveals the underlying roles of the microbiome and inflammation in topical dermatitis (acne) and scleroderma, respectively.

The Epigenetics of Aging
For decades, researchers have hunted for genetic mutations -- changes in the DNA sequence -- that contribute to or cause diseases like cancer and psychiatric problems.  Scientists have learned that epigenetics – the result of external factors impact on your DNA-- -- may play a role as important as genetics in some diseases. Research oncologist Stephen Baylin unveils what epigenetics can reveal about associated diseases often encountered in aging.

Modifiable Risk Factors for Dementia
Neurologist Rebecca Gottesman presents new research findings suggesting that both high blood pressure and elevated inflammation in mid- and later-life are important risk factors for the development of dementia and offer opportunities for us to intervene and reduce the potential of dementia as we age.