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Presentations - Bermuda 2019

Queen of Hearts 
The facts can be alarming: Heart disease is the No.1 cause of death for women in whom heart disease often is ignored and misdiagnosed. Cardiologist Erin Michos discerns how women and men experience symptoms differently, the impact of risk factors in women and how to protect ourselves and maintain a healthy heart.

Mind Over Matter           
Harness the power of mindfulness with clinical psychologist Neda Gould, as she reflects on the importance of this practice and its role in helping to mitigate acute and chronic stress, increase our ability to be present, and release unnecessary negativity—leading to enhanced health and well-being. 

Surviving Stroke
Stroke, a major cause of death and disability for adults, occurs when the blood supply to part of your brain is interrupted or reduced, depriving brain tissue of oxygen and nutrients.  Listen as neurologist Mona Bahouth talks about stroke prevention, diagnosis, updates in acute medical and surgical treatment, brain repair and neuroplasticity, and behavioral recovery including new biomedical research.