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A Message from Our National Chairs

Dear Friend,

Portrait of Harriet Legum.Harriet C. Legum

The original doors that welcomed millions of patients, generations of medical students and new discoveries to The Johns Hopkins Hospital were recently unearthed from storage, refinished and displayed at the hospital. The oversized, hand-carved, oak doors harken back to a time in the history of medicine predating the discovery of antibiotics, rubber gloves, development of CPR and renal dialysis and sequencing the genome for cancer. Since 1889, this threshold has ushered in scientific knowledge and innovations that today include precision medicine, immunotherapy and medical breakthroughs that offer promise for the future.

As women, we are the gatekeepers who open the doors to health for our families and ourselves. Our own personal experiences prove this to be true and underscore the need to stay abreast of medical advances to make informed decisions for those we love.

A portrait of Kelly Ripken.Kelly Geer Ripken

We invite you to join us on a journey on Saturday, November 10. Choose four of 32 extraordinary presentations (Click here to read all 32 seminar descriptions) by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine faculty. Topics include: the mind-gut connection, treating pain without addiction, and new things you should know about your brain to foods to enhance your immune system and the rise of lung cancer in nonsmoking women.

Join us. Walk through the doors of A Woman’s Journey. Come alone or with a friend or relative. Devote this single day to yourself and those you love. You will find it exhilarating, stimulating, empowering and, for some, lifesaving.

Yours in health,

Harriet C. Legum and Kelly Geer Ripken