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What People Are Saying About A Woman's Journey

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What is the most valuable thing about A Woman's Journey:

The day - gives me a chance to learn; be inspired to make changes; to have discussions with others; to be grateful for my health; and appreciate the importance of good health care.

"What a wonderful experience "A Woman's Journey" provided!  I found everything about it invigorating, helpful and most of all, friendly and delightfully professional."""

"What is the most valuable to me?  The ability to earn continuing education credits and the ability to get brief overviews of a variety of current women's health issues in a concise, pleasant environment."

"The updated information about new topics, and the knowledge and credentials of speakers. The hardest thing to do was to choose which topic to hear!"

"Learning about the latest treatment modalities in medicine, and a day for dedicated for my personal growth and development."

"To see so many women (outside of healthcare profession) participating in a conference to improve their health (being so pro-active)."

Drawing awareness to preventative health issue for women nutrition, exercise, etc. Encouraging & empowering women to take better care of themselves - mind body and spirit!

"Getting up to date information on diseases and how they present and are treated in women."

"The variety of health toics from which to choose and then to hear 1st class medical professionals--followed by excellent Q & A with audience."

"All of it was interesting and so valuable.  I wish I could have gone to all the presentations."

"The women's perspective - special issues that are seldom emphasized in general literature."

""Individual sessions with doctors."

"Keeping up to date on medical issues pertinent to women."

"A great fellowship among women."

The possibilities of what I can do after hearing so much wonderful information.

"When going to a seminar, you always want to walk away with additional knowledge on a health issue.  At this I did - Excellent!"

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