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Parent 2 Parent USA

About the Program

Mission: Promote excellence in P2P programs across the nation.

Vision: All children with disabilities and special health care needs grow up in a family who supports them to potentially lead full lives.


  • Every parent’s journey has potential value.
  • Parents often have strength and resilience.
  • There may be power in parents supporting one another.
  • Support should be available to parents and families throughout the lifespan.

Population Served

Format: 1:1

Setting: Programs are both community and health care based

People served: Families of children (aged pre-birth to end of life – full lifespan) who have special needs

Program location: Nation-wide; Statewide P2P programs have been established in 38 states and five new ones are currently emerging

Estimated number served: 2016 data shows 19,500 matches made, and an additional 77,000 requests from families for information (31 reporting statewide Parent-to-parent programs)

People in the Program

Recruitment and selection:In the early developing stages, the Parent to Parent program starts with a small number of Support Parents and makes sure that the Support Parents represent the diversity of the families being served.

Training: Generally, training is provided to groups of 8–12 parents, as this group size is small enough to foster comradeship and intimacy but large enough to stimulate the sharing of diverse backgrounds.


  • P2P offers 1:1 consultation with the program coordinator.
  • Many programs offer Support Parents the opportunity to participate in on-going training sessions.
  • Many P2P programs also hold annual recognition events thanking veteran Support Parents.
  • P2P provides training for emerging leaders in policy, health care financing, and advocacy.

Sustaining the Program

Key strategies: Creating evidence-based practices based on research

Critical support: Everyone

Quality control: Annual survey

Contact Us

Parent 2 Parent USA
1825 K St, NW, Suite 250
Washington, DC 20006

Phone: 855-238-8979