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Training Modules

State associations, hospitals and units participated in telephone meetings to become engaged in the project, begin implementing the CUSP methods and to learn from others that are further along in the project. These sessions began with a series of six introductory calls called immersion calls. One month after completing the immersion calls, units began participating in monthly content calls.

  • Immersion calls are the first step in the learning process. They introduce the study and its goals and describe how to collect and report data as well as improvement processes and tools. One month after completing the immersion calls, units begin participating in monthly content and coaching calls.
  • Monthly content calls provide information on key topics, tools and resources and offer a forum for participants to share experiences and help each other.
  • Supplemental calls provide any additional information and opportunity to check in as the project progresses.
  • Staff training presentations provided other resources to help prepare frontline caregivers to participate in this project