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National High Value Practice Academic Alliance

In recognition of the rising costs of US healthcare, academic medical centers across the country are striving to reduce utilization of tests, procedures and treatments that increase patients’ financial burden without adding value to their care. Cross-institutional collaboration is essential to effectively refine medical practice on a national scale. In 2016, Johns Hopkins Medicine founded the High Value Practice Academic Alliance, a national forum for academic institutions to come together, share their high value work, highlight their progress, and discuss the challenges they have faced. Faculty leaders from more than 80 partner institutions and 18 different medical specialties have joined the organization. Through cross-institutional collaboration, successful high-value initiatives safely piloted in one academic center are being advanced nationally to efficiently lead large-scale improvements in health care value. Additionally, member institutions collaborate on education and implementation science research related to high-value practice. Learn more about the alliance.

Join the High Value Practice Academic Alliance

All academic institutions are invited to join the High Value Practice Academic Alliance, by registering their institution through the membership submission form. There is no cost to participate.

National High Value Care Conference

At the core of this initiative is an annual national high value care conference, most recently held on October 9, 2017. The meeting showcases abstract presentations from 50 academic institutions across the country, with the majority involving resident, fellow or medical student collaborators.

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