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An Exploration of Anesthesiology Resident Well-being: How Burnout, Depression, and Resilience Unfold During Residency and the Formative Events that Impact Residents’ Experience

Stressed physician leaning against wall

Resident physicians experience high levels of stress, burnout and depression. Anesthesia residents face unique challenges to their well-being, and yet the factors that influence well-being, and the extent to which it is affected, are not well known.

Our Goals

This research seeks to garner an understanding of the current state of anesthesia resident well-being and to identify and assess the factors that have the most impact on that well-being. Through focus group discussions, qualitative research methods, survey design and implementation, we will gain an understanding of the state of resident well-being and the areas that might, in future work, be high-yield for intervention.

Investigators: Jed Wolpaw (PI) and Lauren E. Benishek (Co-PI)
Research Team Members: Sean Berenholtz, Scott Wright
Funding Agency: Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation
Funding Support: $149,944
Project Dates: 1/1/16 – 12/31/17

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