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Due to interest in the COVID-19 vaccines, we are experiencing an extremely high call volume. Please understand that our phone lines must be clear for urgent medical care needs. We are unable to accept phone calls to schedule COVID-19 vaccinations at this time. When this changes, we will update this website. Our vaccine supply remains limited. Read all COVID-19 Vaccine Information.

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Did you know that the color of your baby’s poop might tell you if your baby has a gastrointestinal illness or a problem with the liver? Most baby poop colors, such as yellow, brown, and green, are perfectly normal and no cause for concern. The simple rule to remember is: ANYTHING BUT RED, BLACK, OR WHITE is normal.

Use PoopMD to:

  • Learn about infant poop colors and what they mean
  • Take a photo of the contents of your child’s diaper and analyze the color to determine if you should discuss it further with your pediatrician
  • Store results in your baby’s record for future reference
  • Email your pediatrician a copy of the photo and results

PoopMD was created by Dr. Douglas Mogul, Assistant Professor in Pediatric Gastroenterology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and by HCB Health, a health marketing firm based in Austin, TX.

PoopMD+ Research Study and App: Frequently Asked Questions

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