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Did you know that the color of your baby’s poop might tell you if your baby has a gastrointestinal illness or a problem with the liver? Most baby poop colors, such as yellow, brown, and green, are perfectly normal and no cause for concern. The simple rule to remember is: ANYTHING BUT RED, BLACK, OR WHITE is normal.

Use PoopMD to:

  • Learn about infant poop colors and what they mean
  • Take a photo of the contents of your child’s diaper and analyze the color to determine if you should discuss it further with your pediatrician
  • Store results in your baby’s record for future reference
  • Email your pediatrician a copy of the photo and results

PoopMD was created by Dr. Douglas Mogul, Assistant Professor in Pediatric Gastroenterology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and by HCB Health, a health marketing firm based in Austin, TX.

PoopMD+ Research Study and App: Frequently Asked Questions

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