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Hospital systems are growing in size and scope. Electronic medical records continue to redirect the workflow of healthcare professionals for medicine's digital age. The need to harmonize healthcare policy to flow with -- not against -- these forces has never been greater.

PolicyLogic is a web-based policy management application created to match the expanding digital needs of healthcare organizations. Created by the Department of Nursing and Johns Hopkins Medicine Center for Information Services (JHMCIS) in 2009, PolicyLogic serves as a policy and document database and repository across Johns Hopkins Medicine to promote easy policy access and administrative efficiency.

PolicyLogic is now available as a policy and document management software tool for the complex policy needs of your healthcare organization. The PolicyLogic team has built the tool to be fully customizable to fit existing content, training videos, and regulatory links that are already part of an organization's workflow. This tool is built to help your organization standardize its policy and document coordination across departments. Learn more by contacting the PolicyLogic team to request a demo.

Email for more information.