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Corrie Health

The Johns Hopkins Corrie mobile health solution aims to reinvent the cardiac patient’s experience to assist the patient who suffered a heart attack in (1) skill-building for diet, exercise, and medication habits, (2) connecting with resources to help recovery, (3) mindfulness techniques to improve patient awareness and emotional strength, and (4) data analytics and biofeedback on steps, heart rate, and blood pressure with smart tools including an Apple Watch and Bluetooth blood pressure monitor. This patient self-management tool is provided early in admission to help patients improve their recovery and skills from the beginning of their hospitalization.


Corrie App features include:

  • My Activities: track progress taking medications and completing other care tasks like engaging in physical activity. Reminders are included to help you stay on track.
  • My Vitals: stay in tune with indicators of recovery like heart rate, blood pressure, physical activity, and mood.
  • My ABCs: empower you to understand your heart health through engaging state-of-the art videos and easy-to-read summaries addressing life-saving cardiology topics including understanding why heart attacks happen and tips on how to prevent them in the future (ex. medications, diet, exercise, and smoking cessation). Patients, families, and caregivers can easily share in the learning experience by engaging with these videos on their mobile device and via Apple TV in cardiac unit hospital rooms during their stay or at home.
  • My Follow-Up: schedule and track follow up appointments with healthcare providers and cardiac rehabilitation.
  • My Connect: keep critical health information a click away, including medical cards (e.g., stent cards, insurance cards) and care team contact information.
  • Apple Watch with Corrie App: monitors cardiac recovery (steps, heart rate, activity goals) and keeps patients on track with medication reminders and appointments that are critical for successful heart attack recovery.


Johns Hopkins Digital in collaboration with:

  • Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering
  • Johns Hopkins Carey Business School
  • Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

In-App Screenshots

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