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Refer a New Patient

Referral Information

Physician referral is requested, although not mandatory, for patients with commercial insurance. Managed Care/HMO patients must provide a consultation referral form prior to being scheduled for an appointment. Please fax or mail referrals to the Referral Coordinator information found below. Referrals should include permission to perform skin testing, and/or RAST blood testing, and pulmonary function testing.

As soon as the referral is received, the Referral Coordinator will contact the patient to arrange an appointment.

Call 410-550-2300 or Fax 410-550-3256.

The Johns Hopkins Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology provides expert care to patients with a variety of atopic disorders and primary immunodeficiency. In our clinic, we are unfortunately not able to take new patient referrals for the condition of MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome) without the following prerequisites:

  • Established diagnosis of cutaneous or systemic mastocytosis (primary mast cell disorder)  OR
  • For other MCAS: Elevated serum tryptase levels (>11.4 ng/mL), at baseline or during acute symptoms.

Two tryptase measurements are recommended, one during an "active" phase of the patient's complaints/symptoms and one during an inactive phase. A referral can be made for a potential systemic mast cell disorder if the difference in the measurements is greater than (1.2 x "inactive") + 2. For example, if baseline serum tryptase is 6.0 ng/mL, an acute phase level of 9.2 is considered significant [(6.0 X 1.2) +2].