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Job Opportunities

Opportunities are posted by individual faculty and their laboratories when available. Detailed descriptions of openings may not be available and you should contact the faculty member directly for more information. 

  • Positions are available for qualified and motivated post-doctoral fellows with an interest in immunogenetics and genetic epidemiology. Contact Kathleen Barnes
  • Positions are available for qualified and motivated post-doctoral fellows and technicians. Contact Jean Kim
  • We are currently looking for postdoctoral fellows; one fellow to continue the work on HRF and receptor identification.  For a second fellow, we would prefer one with molecular biology expertise to study signal transduction of HRF and its receptor, as well as signal transduction of human basophils from HRF-responders and HRF-nonresponders. Contact Susan MacDonald
  • Post-doctoral research fellowships are available:

    Neurotrophins are increased in asthmatic airways and acutely affect synaptic transmission in airway parasympathetic ganglia. We are currently looking for a post-doctoral fellow with electrophysiological experience (whole cell patch and intracellular methods) to study the mechanisms of how neurotrophins affect synaptic transmission in human and mouse airway parasympathetic ganglia.

    Chronic neurotrophin exposure changes neuroanatomical features of mouse and human bronchial ganglionic neurons. We are currently looking for a post-doctoral fellow with anatomical (immunohistology) and biochemical experience (ELISA, immunoblot) to determine which neurotrophins regulate the neurotransmitter phenotypes of adult mouse and human parasympathetic neurons.

    Pre-doctoral positions leading to Ph.D degree are also available.

    For information, contact Dr. Myers directly at

  • Inquiries about postdoctoral fellowship positions should be directed to Dr. Vonakis,, by email with "Research Position" in the subject line.  Previous experience in signal transduction, molecular biology and/or  transgenic mouse models would be helpful. If interested, please send your CV, a statement of research interests and availability. 

    Undergraduate students interested in a laboratory research position should email Dr. Vonakis  Generally one or two positions are available each semester for highly motivated students who are willing to learn. Students must be able to work at least one full day and a second half-day per week.  They must have taken courses in cell biology and/or molecular biology. Coursework in immunology and previous research experience would be helpful.