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Zheng, Tao, M.D.

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 Research Interests

Mechanisms of allergic asthma and allergic cutaneous disease

Current Research

Our current research is focusing on characterization of molecular and cellular mechanisms in the pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis and its relationship to the development of asthma, part of a process known as the “Atopic March”.  Using transgenic animal models we have identified the Th2 cytokine IL-13 as a potent inducer of phenotypical features of atopic dermatitis in mice. These include eosinophil, mast cell, and T cell infiltration, fibrotic and vascular remodeling, and clinical manifestations. Furthermore, IL-13 induced atopic dermatitis is associated with enhanced susceptibility of these mice to allergen induced allergic asthma in the lung. The objectives of our studies are to identify novel molecules and pathways in the pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis and the atopic march, which will help developing new therapeutics for allergic diseases.


Tao Zheng, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Principal Investigator

Min-Hee Oh, MS
Research Technologist

Jinho Yu, MD, PhD
Postdoctoral fellow

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