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Hubbard, Walter C., Ph. D. (Clinical Pharmacology) *



Curriculum Vitae

Division of Clinical Pharmacology
Director, Mass Spectrometry Laboratory
Associate Professor, Medicine (Clinical Pharmacology and Allergy and Clinical Immunology-secondary)

Johns Hopkins University
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
600 North Wolfe Street, Osler 505
Baltimore, MD 21287
Phone: 410-502-3879
Fax: 410-614-9978

Mass Spectrometry Laboratory: Osler 520


Research Interests: Quantitative mass spectrometry via combined liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry and applications to clinical and laboratory research; (1) pharmacokinetics and metabolism of agents employed for treatment of HIV/AIDS and other viral disease; (2) lipid molecular species: potential for newborn screening for leukodystrophies and roles as mediators of signal transduction in cells.

Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation:

One Applied Biosystems-Sciex API4000 LC-MS/MS (Agilent 1100 series LC), original installation 11/2002

One Applied Biosystems-Sciex API5000 LC-MS/MS (Water UPLC); purchased 2/2008), installation tba 7/2008

Selected publications:

Giardiello, FM, Yang, VW, Hylind, LM, Krush, AJ, Petersen, GM, Trimbath, JD, Piantidosi, S, Garrett, E, Geiman, DE, Hubbard, WC, Offerhaus, GJ , Hamilton, SR. Primary chemoprevention of familial polyposis with sulindac. N Engl J Med 346 (14): 1054 – 1059, 2002.

Berdyshev, EV, Gorshkova, IA, Garcia, JGN, Natarajan, V and Hubbard, WC Quantitative analysis of sphingoid base-1-phosphates as bisacetylated derivatives by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. Anal Biochem 339: 129-136, 2005.

Petrache, I, Natarajan, V, Zhen, L, Medler, TR, Richter, AT, Cho, C, Hubbard, WC, Berdyshev, EV and Tuder, RM. Ceramide upregulation causes pulmonary cell apoptosis and emphysema. Nature Medicine 11:491-498, 2005.

Li, J, Thorne, LN, Punjabi, NM, Sun, C,-K., Schwartz, AR, Smith, PL, Marino, RL, Rodriguez, A, Hubbard, WC, O’Donnell, CP, and Polotsky, VY. Intermittent hypoxia induces hyperlipidemia in lean mice. Circ Res 97: 698-706, 2005.

Berdyshev, E V, Gorshkova, IA, Usatyuk, P, Zhao, Y, Bahman, S, Hubbard, W, and Natarajan, V. A novel role of sphingosine kinase 1 in the de novo biosynthesis of dihydroshphingosine-1-phosphate in mammalian cells. Cell Signaling 18: 1779-1792, 2006.

Hubbard, WC, Moser, AB, Tortorelli, S, Liu, A and Moser, H. Combined liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry as an analytical method for high throughput screening for X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy and other peroxisomal disorders: Preliminary findings. Molec Genetics Metabol 89: 185-187, 2006.