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Internal Audits

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Previously known as the Office of Audits and Management Services (OAMS) for the University and the Office of Internal Audits for the Hopkins Health System. The Office of Hopkins Internal Audits strives to uses their technical knowledge and advisory recommendations to help groups manage operations more efficiently.

The Office can  identify strengths and weaknesses in processes quickly and make practical recommendations, which can save groups time and money on a variety of matters, including compliance and expenditure controls, patient billing and collections, system development and implementation, organizational structure, as well as information systems audit and controls.

If you are about to embark on a new project or system development, Internal Audits can provide project planning consultations that could ensure that the end result operates within university and JHHS policies and procedures in an effective and efficient manner.

Services Provided:

  • Operational Audits - Comprehensive reviews of the varied functions within an enterprise to appraise the efficiency and economy of operations and the effectiveness with which those functions achieve their objectives.
  • Investigative Audits - Identify the facts and circumstances of possible fraud or misappropriation of the organization's assets.
  • Financial Audits - Analyses of the economic activity of an entity as measured and reported by accounting efforts.
  • Information Systems Audits - Analyses of effectiveness, efficiency, confidentiality, integrity, availability, compliance, and reliability of data and programs on computer and communication systems.
  • Compliance Audits - Measure the adherence with university policies, procedures, governmental laws, regulations, sponsored grants, contract requirements, and donor restrictions on use of funds.
  • Construction Audits - Evaluate controls associated with building, architect, and subcontract compliance

Contact Information:

Francis X. Bossle

Executive Director

Location: 1101 E. 33rd St.
Eastern, Suite E220
Baltimore, MD 21218

Phone: 443.997.6391
Fax: 443.997.6399