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Sally MacConnell, M.B.A.

Sally MacConnell Sally MacConnell - At Johns Hopkins since 1983

Senior Vice President of Facilities, JHHS

Why did you decide to join Johns Hopkins Medicine?

In my opinion, the most complex building types are found in an academic medical center because these buildings must perform for so many different constituencies and in so many different ways — support research, state of the art infection control and human beings, many of whom are very fragile for many different reasons. I came to Johns Hopkins to help plan, design and build complex buildings.

Why have you decided to stay at Johns Hopkins Medicine?

I have stayed for 35 years because of Johns Hopkins Medicine’s incredibly dedicated staff who work so hard to take care of patients and their families each and every day and who dedicate their lives to furthering cutting edge medical research.

Hopkins is incredibly diverse; embrace that diversity and help it thrive.

Please tell us about how you reached your leadership position.

I was promoted from heading up the design and construction division of The Johns Hopkins Hospital, to vice president of facilities for The Johns Hopkins Hospital, which included the ongoing day to day operations of the facilities, to senior vice president of facilities for the health system.

Which of your accomplishments are you most proud of at Johns Hopkins Medicine?

Planning, design and construction of Zayed-Bloomberg.

What advice would you give a woman who is aspiring to grow in her leadership responsibilities?

Perform each and every task and project you are assigned to the very best of your ability. Treat your staff, your colleagues, our patients and their families with respect. Hopkins is incredibly diverse; embrace that diversity and help it thrive.

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