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Patricia Brown, J.D.

Patricia Brown Patricia Brown - At Johns Hopkins since 1994

Senior Vice President Managed Care and Population Health, JHM
President, Johns Hopkins HealthCare LLC

Why did you decide to join Johns Hopkins Medicine?

I came to join the legal department in 1994 as senior counsel, working for my mentor who was building the best “health care law office” in the state. As a public attorney committed to health care law, an “in-house counsel” role at Johns Hopkins was my dream job.

Why have you decided to stay at Johns Hopkins Medicine?

The opportunities that were given to me resulted in a career shift away from the law, beginning in 2000. I was able to apply my legal skills to our business needs, and was given the opportunity to build one of the largest managed care organizations in the state. Every day has been full of challenges, opportunities and learning experiences, but the one compelling reason for me to stay is the unwavering commitment we all have to serve the mission of Johns Hopkins Medicine and improve the lives of the patients, and communities, we serve.

Be yourself, be confident, always be kind and humble.

Please tell us about how you reached your leadership position.

Working hard, always accepting a challenge, and being respectful and kind to all people.

Which of your accomplishments are you most proud of at Johns Hopkins Medicine?

My leadership in supporting care delivery transformation and population health.

What advice would you give a woman who is aspiring to grow in her leadership responsibilities?

Be yourself, be confident, always be kind and humble. Don’t care about who gets the credit; celebrate successes as well as failures — always moving forward. And, just be “normal.” If you are likeable, people will want to be with you, and follow you.

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