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Michelle Glennon, J.D.

Michelle Glennon Michelle Glennon - At Johns Hopkins since 2001

Associate Vice President, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine

Why did you decide to join Johns Hopkins Medicine?

In my role as a fundraiser, it is important for me to believe in the mission of the organization that I am representing. The mission of Johns Hopkins Medicine inspires me and, being a life-long Baltimorean, there is a real sense of pride in representing JHM.

Why have you decided to stay at Johns Hopkins Medicine?

I have stayed at Hopkins for the past 17 years because I have been able to advance professionally, continue to be inspired by the mission of JHM and enjoy the drive for excellence and dynamic atmosphere where I continue to learn and grow.

Be proactive about building internal relationships with people you can learn from and with people who will advocate for you.

Please tell us about how you reached your leadership position.

I proactively sought out my current role as associate vice president, which I have held since the fall of 2014. Prior to that, I was the director of a central University/Medicine fundraising office. To be successful in my central role, it was essential to build positive working relationships throughout the Hopkins enterprise and demonstrate the value-add that my team brought to schools and medical divisions. I formed strong partnerships with medicine fundraising leadership and colleagues. Although not the traditional candidate (which would have come directly from a medical fundraising department), I believe my success in my central role – not just dollars raised but also being known as a collaborator – paved the way for me to be the successful candidate from the national search.

Which of your accomplishments are you most proud of at Johns Hopkins Medicine?

As associate vice president I am most proud of my work around morale/culture building and integrating the partner hospitals into the Development and Alumni Relations organization.

What advice would you give a woman who is aspiring to grow in her leadership responsibilities?

Be proactive about building internal relationships with people you can learn from and with people who will advocate for you; know that your high quality work will sometimes help you move to the next level, but it won’t always do so on its own and you need to advocate for yourself; embrace new opportunities even when you don’t think you’re 100 percent ready for them – opportunities rarely come at the right time and in the perfect way but the good ones are worth the risk.

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