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About the Program

About the Program




Program Benefits

Seed Funding

We offer initial seed funding for all teams. At the end of the program, teams will also compete for extra funding during the final Community Pitch Competition. There's no hidden agenda or equity we take in your venture.

Grounding Conversations

We will have conversations about structural racism and discuss what prevents your community from thriving. These grounding conversations will provide clarity and greater focus on your team's mission.

Community Engagement

We partner with teams to create community-driven health solutions. This means we’ll work with you to engage who you want to serve and find ways to make them part of your team's journey.


What to Expect

9-Month Intensive Program

Teams will spend time in class and outside of class working on their solutions, ranging between 3 to 10 hours a week.

18 Workshops on Health, Design, and Business

These interactive workshops will give teams the tools and guidance to develop solutions.

Weekly Coaching Hours

Teams will have access to their coach on a weekly basis to help them through their project work.

Community Pitch Competition

Cumulative event for Cohort teams to compete for a $10,000 investment in their community health solution. This event includes the Jon Fortt Storytelling Award to highlight the stories motivating our Innovators to advance health.


Who Should Apply? (Slideshow)


    Qualities We Value in Our Teams

    Feel strongly about a health issue they wish to solve, have firsthand experience/ expertise, and ideas on what to do.

    Welcome working through challenges constructively and where all members can contribute to the team's success.

    Relentless pursuit in the development of their venture and service it offers the community.

    Value learning and open to including new ideas, viewpoints, and ways of thinking and being.

    Open to pivoting based on feedback from residents, advisors, mentors, and coaches.


    Eligibility Criteria


    As a non-profit 501c3 or social enterprise (a for profit company with a social mission).


    3-4 members that include executive leaders of an organization who demonstrate an ongoing commitment and relationship with the Wards 7 and 8 communities.


    Organizations must demonstrate a commitment to/ experience with serving Wards 7 and/or 8.


    There are no revenue requirements to be eligible for this program.

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