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COVID-19 Update


Volunteer Services

Due to COVID-19 and restrictions on visitors in the hospital and all facilities, Bayview’s Volunteer Services Program is currently on hold. At this time, we are not accepting applications for volunteers, interns or observers. We appreciate your interest and look forward to resuming all volunteer services activities as soon as it is safe to do so.

Johns Hopkins Bayview has a number of volunteer opportunities to meet individual interests and fill a variety of important roles, both in patient care and staff support.

  • Ambulatory Services Representative
    Assists in the surgery waiting area by walking family members to/from the recovery room. Communicates with OR staff to update families with patient status.
  • Child Day Care Volunteer
    Provides staff with assistance in performing duties related to the functions of the Child Day Care Department. Responsibilities include supervising, reading and providing comfort to children.
  • Clinic Clerical Services Volunteer
    Provides clerical assistance to assigned areas within Johns Hopkins Bayview. Responsibilities vary according to department but generally include answering the phones, recording and distributing messages, data entry, filing, and picking up and delivering mail.
  • Emergency Room Greeter
    Communicates with emergency room patients and their family members/visitors in the treatment area, acting as a liaison with the care team and providing service recovery as needed.
  • Family Resource Center Assistant
    Assists family members and caregivers of patients with memory loss through the Family Resource Center and guides them through a variety of relevant resources.
  • Library Book Care Assistant
    Distributes books and magazines to inpatients.
  • Infant Cuddler
    Under supervision of medical and nursing staff, hold and talk to the baby to soothe and console the baby with sensitive comfort and positive touch.
  • Materials Management Aide
    Assists staff with day-to-day responsibilities in the linen department, mail room, central supply and transport.
  • No One Dies Alone
    This program offers companionship and support to patients who are nearing death. NODA provides compassionate presence to individuals who have no family or close friends to sit with them at the end of life.
  • Oncology Aide
    Visits patients in the waiting area to provide books, magazines or other reading material. Serves as a patient facilitator/navigator.
  • Patient-Family Advisory Council Member
    Offers input into patient care and organizational processes, and advocates patient and family needs.
  • Patient Partner
    Acts as liaison between patients, visitors and hospital staff, keeping lines of communication open. Responsibilities include visiting patients, providing information regarding hospital policies and patient rights and responsibilities, assisting with distribution of general information including patient service guidebooks and safety brochures, assisting in resolving problems, either by acting independently or reporting a complaint to patient representative, or other appropriate staff member, and generally helping to insure patient satisfaction.
  • Recreation Therapy Department Volunteer
    Assists patient care staff with activities for patients and nursing home residents. Responsibilities include assisting in activities for patients and nursing home residents.
  • Stork’s Nest Volunteer
    Assists as needed in the Stork’s Nest Program, an incentive program for low income, at risk, pregnant women. Pregnant women accumulate points by visiting the clinics to learn how to care for themselves and for their babies after birth. They can exchange their points for baby items donated to the Stork’s Nest. Responsibilities include assisting clients in shopping, moving clothing form storage, arranging stock, filling out forms and calculating point usage.
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