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“I’m grateful for the connections we have formed. This is only the beginning.”
– Renee Blanding, M.D., vice president of Medical Affairs, JHBMC

“HCP – Healthy Community Partnership – also means to me Helping Communities Prosper. Prosper in their abilities to be healthier physically, spiritually, and emotionally through a partnership with the most trusted medical institution in the area.”
– Rev. Dred Scott, pastor at St. Matthew United Methodist Church

“LHA is innovated program that's equips individuals to be educated with the tools to advocate for patients, friends and neighbors. Every community needs advocacy to improve our healthcare system."
– Katherine Scott, member of St. Matthew United Methodist Church, LHE and LHA graduate

"I think LHA is one of the amazing programs that Bayview has made. It empowers people to enflesh their care and love to their loved ones especially to the elderly with greater responsibility and information that the program will offer. I can only wish that this program can be disseminated all over the country so that more people will benefit from it and will be medically equipped in giving care to each other.”
– Richard Giner, summer CPE intern graduate and LHA graduate

“I was amazed at how fast the program (LHE) went by. I have been involved in many different educational seminars but this was one of the most interesting, best put together series that I’ve ever had. All the presenters were knowledgeable, friendly and energetic. You could tell that they WANTED to be there. Without a doubt, this was an extremely beneficial and enjoyable experience."
– Dennis Krouse, member of St. Rita Catholic Church, LHE and LHA graduate

"This program is superb! We get to receive first-hand information from young doctors fresh from the school. Not only is it free, the environment is very conducive. This is a very powerful way through which Johns Hopkins is impacting the life of the people in the community. Health is wealth. By sharing this information, Johns Hopkins is sharing wealth to the less privileged through religious communities."
– Father Anthony Anichukwu

"It is a program which should be spread to more people and build up a helping community. It enables one to speak to the medical professionals on behalf of the patient and support the patient but protecting his/her privacy and priority."
– Laby George Panackamattom

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