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We continue to create lasting economic opportunities in Baltimore through HopkinsLocal.

Graphic silhouette of the Baltimore skyline.

We have committed $20 millionin design, consulting and construction work to minority-owned, women-owned and disadvantaged businesses.

Icon of a wrench and screwdriver crossing to form an X.

40 percentof targeted positions will be filled by people from the city's most distressed communities by 2018.

Icon of a briefcase labeled Resume.

$6 millionincrease in goods and services will be purchased from Baltimore businesses over three years.

Icon of a shopping bag, stack of coins and a credit card.

Logo that says, Hopkins Local: Build. Hire. Buy.

We understand that being the largest private employer in Baltimore means more than providing jobs to people in our neighborhoods. It means that we have a responsibility to leverage our resources in every way possible for the benefit of our communities. Via HopkinsLocal—a program in which we've set goals to build, hire and buy locally—The Johns Hopkins University and the Johns Hopkins Health System are helping lead the way to an even more vibrant and prosperous Baltimore. We do this because when our communities thrive, we are all truly uplifted.

We support close to 500 programs that serve our communities in Baltimore.

We are a 41,000-strong workforce devoted to improving the health of our communities and the world.

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Illustration of Johns Hopkins employees. Includes security guard, nurse, researcher, doctor and other staff.
Icon of an intern standing behind a professional.

We hired more than 300 Baltimore youths through the Johns Hopkins Summer Jobs Program.

We celebrate the people who powerfully impact our communities.

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Graphic showing how we attract and develop talent - goal-driven evaluation process, simplified emplpyment application and streamlined steps to identify the right people.

We strengthened how we attract and develop the world's best people.

This report covers the time frame of April 2014 through August 2015. Produced by Johns Hopkins Medicine Marketing and Communications.