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Boy uses 3-D printed prosthetic hand to pick up a Ninja Turtle toy.

We hosted an event that saw 3-D printed hands created for more than 200 children and adults.

A graphic of a doctor checking a man's heart rate with a stethoscope as the man's wife comforts him.

We enrolled more than 71,000 Baltimore-area residents in the Johns Hopkins Community Health Partnership.

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We helped lead the nation's response to the Ebola virus disease outbreak.

Read More Woman in protective suit with hood, facemask and gloves.

We are updating and expanding our facilities to improve the care and comfort of our patients and families.

Ribbon cutting ceremony with executives and doctor.
Doctor holding a chart.

We were recognized for our commitment to improving the safety and quality of our care.

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This report covers the time frame of April 2014 through August 2015. Produced by Johns Hopkins Medicine Marketing and Communications.