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Congratulations to Our 2019 'Top Doctors'!

Baltimore magazine recognized over 100 Johns Hopkins physicians as “Top Doctors” of 2019. This acknowledgement comes from an annual peer survey in which the metro area’s roughly 13,000 physicians vote on which doctor they would send a member of their family or friend to. The survey includes 128 specialties, and only approximately 5 percent of all physicians in the area receive the peer support required to make this list.


Patient Stories

At Johns Hopkins our number one priority is providing our patients with the best care possible. Meet some of our bravest patients who shared their healthcare journeys with the world.

Dr. Alan Cohen

Pediatric Brain Tumor | Declan’s Story

Five-year-old Declan had an MRI to monitor a growth hormone deficiency. Afterward, his parents got shocking news: The scan showed Declan had a large craniopharyngioma brain tumor.
Ben Heller
Dr. Errol Bush

Bilateral Lung Transplant | Ben's Story

After a family member noticed abnormalities in Ben Heller’s fingernails, a medical evaluation later revealed he had an aggressive and complex form of lung disease that would require a lung transplant.
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