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School of Medicine Deans 2005-2006

Dean of the Medical Faculty
Chief Executive Officer
Edward D. Miller, M.D.

Vice Dean for the Bayview Medical Campus  
David B. Hellmann, M.D.

Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs
William A. Baumgartner, M.D.

Vice Dean for Clinical Investigation 
Daniel E. Ford, M.D. 

Vice Dean for Education
David G. Nichols, M.D.

Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs
Janice E. Clements, Ph.D.

Vice Dean for Research
Chi V. Dang., M.D., Ph.D.

Senior Associate Dean for Finance and Administration
Chief Financial Officer, JHM
Richard A. Grossi

Associate Dean for Admissions
James L. Weiss, M.D.

Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education
Todd Dorman, M.D.

Associate Dean for Curriculum
Patricia Thomas, M.D.

Associate Dean for Emerging Technologies
Peter Greene, M.D.

Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education
Julia McMillan, M.D.

Associate Dean for Graduate Students
Peter Maloney, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Postdoctoral Affairs
Levi Watkins, Jr., M.D.

Associate Dean, Registrar
Mary E. Foy 

Associate Dean for Research Administration
Michael B. Amey

Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Thomas W. Koenig, M.D.

Assistant Dean & Director of Academic Computing
Harry Goldberg, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid
Paul T. White, J.D.

Assistant Dean and Executive Director Clinical Practice Association
Kenneth P. Wilczek   

Assistant Dean for Faculty, Development and Equity
Lisa Heiser

Assistant Dean and Compliance Officer for Graduate Medical Education
John Rybock, M.D. 

Assistant Dean for Graduate and Medical Education
Wendy W. Sanders

Assistant Dean for Human Subjects Research Compliance
Barbara Starklauf 

Assistant Dean for Licensing & Technology Development
Jill Sorensen, J.D.

Assistant Dean for Medicine
Christine H. White

Assistant Dean for Policy Coordination
Julie Gottlieb

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Michael Barone, M.D.

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Redonda Miller, M.D.

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Crystal Simpson, M.D.

Senior Vice President for Johns Hopkins Medicine
Steven J. Thompson  

Senior Director, Office of Facilities Management
John E. Grinnalds

Executive Director, Office of Financial Affairs
Stephen D. Golding

Senior Associate Vice President, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine
Steven A. Rum 

Director, Office of Human Resources
Gloria J. Bryan