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Spectroscopy and Imaging


Location: Traylor 2nd floor and MRI 110

Hours: 24 hours/day, 365 days/year

Phone #: 955-4221, 955-4220
Contact Person: V.P. Chacko, Ph.D. 
Fax #: 614-1948

Facility Director: Paul A. Bottomley, Ph.D.

Facility Function: To provide state of the art equipment and expertise in the field of NMR Spectroscopy and Imaging to investigators in and around the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Currently, the facility has the following fully operational NMR spectrometers: 1) 11.8 T/89 mm vertical bore Bruker Avance-500 NMR Spectrometer suitable for experiments on liquids as well as microimaging, 2) a 4.7 T/40 cm horizontal bore Bruker Biospec Imaging/Spectroscopy instrument equipped with three sets of actively shielded gradients (gradient strength 40G/cm, 20G/cm and 5 G/cm, respectively) and a modern console using HP computer running RedHat Linux Operating System, and 3) 9.4 T/89mm vertical bore GE Omega NMR spectrometer equipped with actively shielded gradients (up to 135G/cm) and a SUN 4 based console.

Administration and Operation of the Facility: The policy of the shared instrumentation facility is formulated by the Interdisciplinary Committee on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (ICNMR), which sets the policy for use of all existing Institutional NMR equipment. The ICNMR is directly responsible to the Dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. A Scientific Advisory Committee (SAS) has been created to advise the ICNMR to ensure that access to instrumentation obtained through the support of the Institution as a whole be given to projects approved on the basis of scientific merit. The members of this committee have expertise in various aspects of NMR spectroscopy and imaging, radiology, other metabolic imaging modalities, biochemistry and medicine.

 Access Requirements: Access to the instrument for projects are allocated through a review mechanism analogous to the NIH peer review process. A prospective user of the facility initially contacts Dr. Bottomley, the Director of the NMR facility. If the user is already expert in NMR and requires use of the facility on only a service basis, he or she is encouraged to submit a proposal for the next SAS evaluation session. If necessary, a small amount of spectrometer time is scheduled to gather preliminary data for this proposal. If the applicant is inexperienced in NMR techniques, a meeting is convened with members of the facility staff and other scientists at the institution who have appropriate expertise for the project. If possible, collaborative arrangements are made with the facility staff or other scientists interested in the project and capable of implementing the NMR experiments. A small amount of time is allocated for feasibility studies, after which a proposal will be submitted to the SAS.

The facility is supported through user fees. A fee schedule approved by the JHSM administration corresponds to cost plus 10%.