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Information for Proposal Preparation

Information Often Needed for Proposal Preparation
compiled by the SOM Office of Research Administration
last updated 05/30/12

Administrative Office for Notification Purposes:

SOM Office of Research Administration
733 N. Broadway, Suite 117     
Baltimore, MD 21205
p: 410-955-3061, f: 410-502-7832

Affirmative Action Approval Date: 9/14/01

Animal Welfare Assurance Number: A3272-01

Authorized Official:
    see the Sponsored Projects Handbook, Appendix G

Cage Code (CCR): 5L406

Cognizant Federal Agency:

     Steven Zuraf Arif "Mak" Karim/Paul Nacon
     DHHS, Region IIIDivision of Cost Allocation & Liaison
     P.O. Box 13716Wilbur Cohen Building, Room 1067
     3535 Market Street  330 Independence Avenue, SW
     Philadelphia, PA 19101              Washington, DC  20201
     (301) 492-4855 401-2808

Congressional District: Seventh

Congressman: Elijah Cummings

Contractor's Establishment Code: 87957134H

     see the Effort Conversion Chart

DUNS Number: 00-191-0777

Facilities and Administration (F&A) Rates:
     see the Sponsored Projects Handbook, Appendix C

Federal Employer (Tax) ID Number: 52-0595110

FICE#: 002077

Fiscal Officer:

Paul Gasior
Johns Hopkins University at Eastern
Sponsored Projects Shared Services
1101 E. 33rd Street, Suite B-219
Baltimore, MD 21218
phone: 443-997-3983
fax: 443-997-8419

Fringe Benefit Rates: 
     see the
Sponsored Projects Handbook, Appendix C

Human Subjects Assurance of Compliance Numbers:
     see the JHM IRB website

Institutional Profile #: 4134401

Misconduct in Science: Filed February 24, 2004

NAICS Code: 611310

Purchasing System Approved by ONR: through 1/11/09 

Senators: Barbara Mikulski, Ben Cardin

Tuition Rates  coming soon!